SARAH, FOUNDER & Licensed Cosmetologist

I was 15 years old the first time someone “paid me” to do their hair for a special event, and I pretty much fell in love with the beauty industry right then and there. Fast forward 3 years, I started my journey at Aveda Institute of Houston where I graduated and became a professional hairstylist at Salon Trio. Now 8 years into my obsession, I love the artistic part in my job but I love even more that I’m able to make women feel beautiful, especially on the happiest day of their lives. My dream to start this business started after my very first wedding so many years ago. When my hands aren’t teasing hair or applying lipstick you can find them laced in my husband’s of five years and playing with our beautiful, spunky little girl.

BECCAH, Licensed Cosmetologist

Being a hair stylist literally runs in my blood! I grew up watching my Nana make ladies feel beautiful inside and out, knowing from that point forward my heart belonged in the beauty industry. I have now been in the hair & makeup world for 7 years. I graduated from the Aveda Institute Houston in 2012, and have worked as a stylist at Salon Trio ever since. There are so many things about this industry I love, but my favorite is our ability to make people fall in love with themselves! I believe every hair & makeup artist has a special power to uplift the human soul, and knowing I get to wake up everyday and do that for a living- is a dream! Outside of the hair world, I am a momma, a fiancé, a coffee lover and a follower of Jesus Christ. I enjoy weekends spent in the woods at our family deer lease and the occasional date night with my soon to be hubby!

STARLA, Makeup Artist
My passion for the wedding industry began at 10 years old when my grandmother opened her wedding facility. You can say i’m “a jack of all trades but a master of none” when it comes to all things wedding related. I have assisted in cooking, decorating, booking the brides and everything in between but mostly you could find me in the bridal suite admiring the art that went into the bridal parties hair and makeup. Starting with my own face, I notice that when I look good, I feel good, and I am ready to conquer the day. Becoming a hair and makeup artist has not only turned my passion into a blossoming career, but has also helped me bring that powerful feeling to other women. When I am not helping brides and bridesmaids feel like absolute royalty, you can always find me with my smart and loving hubs, and our two perfect little twins.

Gracie, Makeup Artist

My love for hair and make up goes back as far as I can remember. I’ve been styling family and friends since I could pick up brushes. My career path has never been a question, because this is my passion. I’ve dedicated all my free time to working to perfect my art on myself and some amazing clients who have been with me from day one of this journey. Hair and makeup to me is so much more than just making someone pretty, but it can be incredibly empowering and I love to help others feel a confidence like this. I am truly living out a dream I’ve had since I was just a little girl and it is amazing.
When I’m not in the studio, you can be sure I’m hanging with my sweet pup, Champ! I love a good coffee and finding fun and amazing little restaurants with my boyfriend. I’m also the oldest of four siblings, so I love attending all of their sporting events, and spending quality time with each of them!